Trouble in Charleston

Before I start, I have to disclaim that what follows is complex and difficult. I need to make clear that this is the writing of conflicted thought. In college, I was an African studies minor (I did not graduate) and took a few semester of Swahili, as well as other cultural courses. I have enjoyed the great musical contributions of blacks in Western countries from Louis Armstrong to Nico and Vinz. Whether soul and gospel, or jazz, or blues, early rock and roll, funk, hiphop, rap, and more. You almost cannot find music in America that does not have massive influence from Africa. I have supported and continue to support black nationalist and black separatist movements, which some of my SJW friends see as racist (nevermind that they do the same). If I were to do the same for whites, people would be offended and terrified. I obviously support Jewish nationalism and separatism, which also gets mixed reviews in the world.

Apartheid in South Africa was, by most accounts, a terrible existence. Yet today, the situation is effectively reversed with thousands of whites murdered in the past 20 years. de Klerk made an egregious error in handing the country over to communist terrorists rather than capitalist Zulu tribal leaders. Slavery in America, of course, was a horrific tragedy. The Southern states had a right to secede and were right to secede. They also should have set a deadline to end slavery. The point of this is to make clear where I stand on things before I delve into some statements that could be branded as racist.

Mangosuthe Buthelezi, the man who should be king (of South Africa)

Mangosuthe Buthelezi, the man who should be king (of South Africa)

A couple days ago, as most know by now, a young white man walked into a black church in South Carolina, sat down, and later opened fire on them. Among the last words they heard from him were “You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country, and you have to go.” It is an expression of anger and frustration that many in the United States feel. And they are silenced: branded as racists, told not to speak, and to change their ways. When voices are silenced, they turn to violence. Of course, its racist and white supremacist to ask if the shooter had a point. Do blacks disproportionately rape and commit violence against whites? It certainly is true that horrifying black on white crimes happen and are completely silenced. Have you heard of Allison Griffor?

According to a study based on statistics from the National Crime Victimization Survey, when controlled for proximity, blacks are in fact nearly 8 times as likely to rape whites as the reverse. Black on white rape occurs about 115 times as often as the reverse. There are similarly high disproportions for other crimes from robbery to murder. There is a relative epidemic of black on white crime, which is implicitly noted by news stories of white on black crime. It rarely happens, so its news. This is all repeatedly silenced and those who point it out are called racists. Its a fact. Ashkenazi Jews being disproportionately intelligent and involved in high performance occupations is a fact. Its not antisemitic to say so.

Consequently, due to this silence there is a feeling that blacks are taking over the country. This seems a bit absurd beyond the fact that a mixed race man who identifies as black is president. But it certainly can feel that way when white issues are silenced, whites are told to shut up, blacks are trumpeted as eternal victims, etc. When a feminist says that black sexual attackers should not even be prosecuted, which itself is racist: to imply that blacks are wild animals who cant control their urges. When every time a black crime is reported, race isnt mentioned and the media says they must not draw conclusions based on race, but if a white commits a crime, broadcast that with emphasis.



This can of course all be traced to the excuse-making by the media and the promotion of race riots and race war that occurred in Ferguson and Baltimore. They literally have implied that blacks torching and destroying things is ok, but a white shooting people is not. A sane person condemns both riots and shootings. All of this frustrates us truth seekers who are not at all racist, but see a blatant—conspiracy, if you will—to exact revenge on those of European descent. Lo and behold, they are still trying to silence political opponents while forcing their own slant on the event.

And lets not forget the media obsession with promoting mass shootings. This is probably the one thing Michael Moore gets right. It all started with Columbine, where two lonely students upset with the world shot up a high school. That almost certainly inspired the Red Lake massacre in 2005, Virginia Tech in 2007, Binghamton and Fort Hood in 2009, Sandy Hook in 2012, UC Santa Barbara in 2014, and many smaller shootings in between. Almost every single time, the national media comes out in full force to broadcast these events without any regard as to whether it might inspire copycats. Whether they just want to sensationalize things or are trying to push a gun control agenda, the media is grotesquely irresponsible on this issue.

While we are talking about gun control, it would be prudent to note that South Carolina prohibits carrying firearms in places of worship, unless expressly permitted by the organization. Considering the pastor was a Democratic state senator, that is highly unlikely. The shooter probably knew this and targeted it for that reason, rather than going up to a random gathering of blacks on the street, who likely would be packing, or more inclined towards violence. Indeed, when a shooter walked into a Colorado church, he was shot at and turned the barrel on himself. Only two people were killed in a room that housed thousands.

It is now coming out that the shooter in Charleston used drugs, especially pills such as Xanax, legitimately or not. This is a common trend among shooters, but its rarely talked about except on alternative right media, such as WND and Natural News. I think you would be harder pressed to find a shooter that was crazy but never took meds than one that did. There is a lot of talk about the need to confront mental health and the lack of available mental health services. This is a load of crap. We have adequate mental health services. We are just the only country that pops pills for everything. Some pills are fine and have a fairly limited affect on the body. SSRIs and other mental meds have been shown to increase suicidal and violent inclinations. The president stated that we are the only country where shootings happen and the only country in the developed world with a gun culture and easy access. All three claims are false, but what we definitely are is the only country in the world that medicates the hell out of everything.

There were two other similar shootings: one, where the shooter had a weird haircut and crazy, distant expression on their face. That would be Sandy Hook. If you compare the two, the shooters almost look the same, and have nearly identical expressions. Second, the UC Santa Barbara shooting featured an upset (involuntarily celibate) virgin, that is becoming a more and more common theme these days. There has been speculation in the “manosphere” that this shooter may have been similar. A subtle look at the shirt he wore while arrested reveals a My Little Pony t-shirt commonly beloved by awkward, virginal, basement dwellers.

My Little Pony peaks out from behind vest.

My Little Pony peeks out from behind vest.

Here we are then, with the typical socialist hypocrisy coming out: do as we say, not as we do. Jon Stewart atrociously expressed his upset about this attack, said it was inexcusable, but then compared it to Muslim terrorism, and made excuses for that. Muslims are justified because we bomb them and kill their children, but whites arent justified in taking revenge on blacks for violence. Revenge is never justified, but it does help add context and understanding. We do need to see the whole picture. We have every right to fight Islamic terrorism, but we need to be careful about civilian casualties (or openly express that we really dont care). We have every right to be concerned about racism or black on white violence, but we need to express this appropriately, and not mug and rape whites, nor shoot up black churches. The Left needs to be careful and not push us neutral types into the camps of the white supremacists. When they make us out to be the enemy, we begin to become the enemy.


In “racist” Charleston, South Carolina thousands of all races came together in a show of support.

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