Accounting for May/June 2015

I have prepared a spreadsheet of all accounting and funds transfers regarding Jewish Libertarians as an organization. My sympathies to any accountants out there; this took me a couple hours to work out some bugs in the balance.

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 01.48.50A donor gave ~$5 in bitcoin on February 18th. A donor donated $20 to the gofundme. I loaned the Organization $400 for the vending spot at PorcFest on May 5th, which was disbursed immediately. On May 16th, a donor gave $180. My sincere gratitude to them again. For PorcFest, I rented a spot for my tent from the Organization for $20 a night (7 nights; $140 total). This was paid as a debt cancellation from the $400 loan. My friend rented a spot for one night for $20. Yesterday, I triggered the withdrawal from gofundme, which was $183.60 to me and $16.40 in fees to GFM. A refund for the deposit of $50 is expected, which goes back to me. That leaves a debt of $26.40 to me, which has not been paid.

The Organization currently has assets of $0 cash and 0.1018 BTC, which is valued here at $26. The two bitcoin receipts total $25, along with $1 in appreciation.

I hope this transparency helps anyone interested. If you think something is wrong, let me know here, on facebook, or on twitter. Ditto for any questions.

Help raise the balance for future events by donating! Paypal and Patreon coming soon. Bitcoin:

JL bitcoin

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