RawStory Completely Switches on Immigration

Communist web-rag RawStory recently popped out a story entitled Bernie Sanders explodes a right-wing myth: ‘Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal’. Now that Bernie Sanders has doubled down on restricting immigration, likely making Rep. Luis Gutierrez apoplectic, the socialist rabble have to realign their opinions. Why, it was just a few months ago, that RawStory was cheering on mass immigration. And then a few weeks ago, they were criticizing Scott Walker for wanting to restrict even legal immigration. The socialist media was condemning him for walking away from an illegal immigrant family. What gives?

That socialists inevitably become nationalists, as Bernie Sanders is showing, is no surprise. Unsung Austrian economist Faustino Ballvé noted this in his book, Essentials of Economics:

There is nothing extraordinary in this, since nationalism inevitably leads to socialism, and socialism to nationalism. Practically every socialist regime has to be nationalist

Ever since Donald Trump rammed this issue into the forum, nothing has been the same. At first, there were concerns raised by pro-mass immigration activists that Sanders was not too fond of immigrants. Then, it seemed he was supportive of immigration and amnesty. In the end, he reassured whoever that he was in fact supportive of immigration restriction in order to help the poor here from being outcompeted for wages. This is in complete contrast with everything the socialists have said for the past decade and more, but now a socialist elite has spoken and the minions must obey and conform. What is interesting is that this only works for socialists. If a conservative did this, as Donald Trump did, he would be roundly excoriated. It is true, that Sanders was more polite about it, but conservatives have been slammed for less.

Perhaps RawStory has no opinion, but the author of the article, Travis Gettys, sure does. He does not like private border defense organizations patrolling. And in an older RawStory article, he tried to portray an anti-immigrant activist as a child molester. The tone in that piece suggests that Gettys is pro immigration. Or he was, until Chairman Sanders ordered the ship around. This has been an odd series of events, and naturally, no one will notice. The socialists control the media, so we wont here any deviation from this. Next, Hillary Clinton will probably have to endorse restriction, and Gutierrez will find himself supporting Jeb Bush.

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

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