Zionist “Settler” + Arabs vs Socialist Troublemaker

Socialist drinking water in front of fasting Muslims

Socialist drinking water in front of fasting Muslims

Recently, some socialists came to Hevron to cause trouble as they often do and try to stir up the Arabs. One activist was walking around drinking water in front of Muslims who cannot eat or drink during their Ramadan fast—a true insensitivity! Meanwhile, the settler Zionist who has dealings with the Arabs confronts her and shames her. He then asks the Arabs how they feel and they agree that she is being disrespectful.

This is the reality on the ground that you will never see on TV or hear from all the anti-Israel groups. Its a story of Jews and Arabs getting along 99 times in 100, and occasional dirtbags trying to stir up trouble.

(via Arutz Sheva)

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