The real Donald Trump conspiracy theory

There has been a lot of sweating going around as Donald Trump rises to the top of the Republican primary race. Why ever they would be upset that someone is clearing the field and becoming a strong and consistent frontrunner is beyond me. Certainly, the polls now show Hillary completely destroying him in the general, but they also show her winning Arkansas and Texas against more standard candidates, which is patently ridiculous to anyone. With every attempt to eliminate Trump failing, and grave fears that he may pursue a third party run, the Republican establishment is going thru back channels and pulling out all the stops to discredit him. Along with all the smears, the latest accusation is that he is a Hillary Clinton plant.

It certainly makes for a good Tom Clancy novel, and it goes even further. There have been people who connected the Black Lives Matter trolls of Bernie Sanders and Martin OMalley to the Clinton campaign. A lot of self-proclaimed experts are probably ready to wake up the Vince Foster death and other random proofs of the evil manipulations of the Clintons. Like almost all conspiracy theories, this is preposterous. It is shameful that even some intelligent friends of mine are getting sucked up into this nonsense.

The theory in its infinite coherence goes like this: Trump is in to destabilize the race, suck up a portion of the GOP base, and then drop out in favor of an independent bid, which he could fund, and has been polled. Most likely it would hand Hillary the White House in a 1912 redux. So, the Republicans are running scared that he will leave and are conspiring every way they can to push him out. Wait a minute. Think about that. They are scared he will drop out and pursue an independent candidacy…and are doing their damnedest to get him out of the race. I think the term for that is self-fulfilling prophecy. This suicidal behavior is troubling.

clintonkochInstead of letting him run his, so far quite successful, bid in the Republican party that is energizing the country, firing up debate ratings, and bringing huge attention to the GOP, they would rather he go away. The issues he is pushing are by far the most popular. Thats why its called populism, right or wrong. Apparently, democracy doesnt work for the establishment when they arent winning. They would rather trot around a vague delusion about the Clintons nefarity that evokes the Democrats “Koch Brothers” nonsense.

So what are all these clowns going to do if Trump actually wins the nomination? So far, they still require him to drop out. Why drop out when you can cruise to the nomination? Maybe he would just randomly drop out while on top, citing all the hostility. This of course makes absolutely no sense. A billionaire with a giant ego would rather help his supposed friends than score the greatest prize in the world. The mental gymnastics that this requires to rationalize should win a sweep in the Olympics. Its absolute insanity.

I am not a Trump supporter officially, but I love what he is doing. We have long needed something like this. The amount of frustration he is causing libertarians cracks me up. We need to lighten up a bit and stop this autistic obsession with correcting everything that is incorrect (yea, I do it too). I am still rooting for Walker, but if Trump pulls it off, good for him. It will be an interesting four or eight years that will either be like the Jesse Ventura governorship, or something unexpectedly good. It should be remembered that the president does not have as much power as people think, even with executive orders. In fact, his supposed lack of concrete policy proposals may be a good thing. The president isnt supposed to have policy proposals; he is supposed to enforce or veto laws passed by Congress. No more; no less.

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