Four (and a half) Months in the Free State

fspWhile things are still a bit rocky as we advance into winter, I think I can just about say that I have settled into New Hampshire. I had a rough start, struggling a bit to find a job when my transfer plan failed, mainly because my experience is slim, and I dont have a car. It is usually easy to get a job here, especially at entry level, and I had offers the first week, but I fumbled when it came to whether I had reliable transport. After six weeks of searching and interviewing, and becoming frustrated and questioning myself, I was hired. Retail again, but a job is a job. And that job was miserable at first, but it has gotten better. It still pays crap, but with roommates, I am now living comfortably enough.

When I first came up here, I was amazed at the help offered by the community. One of the followers of this page, who is the husband of a freestater activist I met last year, picked me up from Boston. Who does that? Especially among libertarians. Then, a young woman I met on an FSP Facebook group rented me a spare room in her apartment for a few weeks until I could find a place to stay permanently. I met a guy on there as well, who became my roommate for the past few months. He has since moved to a better place in the suburbs of Manchester. My downstairs neighbors and the aforementioned fellow who got me from the train station helped furnish our apartment, so it cost almost nothing. All of this made the transition smooth and eliminated many potential headaches. I am grateful to all of them and hope to be able to offer the same to other movers. Indeed, I have started to put together a rooming house for new movers, and those in transition from one place to another.

At my job, there was a guy I worked with for a few months until he left for a better position. I later saw him at a freestater event, never having known he was a mover. Its amazing how we are everywhere. I can walk down many streets in Manchester and see people I know who moved here. Its one thing to be able be in a room of libertarians for a weekend, or at a campground for a week. Its another thing to have an active and open community of many people right in your town, with weekly get togethers and more. I can walk around most of the city and see porcupine magnets and I Do Not Consent to Searches stickers on cars. A couple times I was walking around and a state representative, who is a mover, picked me up from the side of the road and brought me to my destination.

There are regular bitcoin meetups and happy hour meetups. There are regular activism events: copblocking, making posters for protests, leafleting for jury nullification, getting out the vote for liberty, and more. There are monthly formal gatherings. There are agorist taxi services. There are agorist businesses (albeit no restaurants). There are a few freestater social clubs and hangouts. And this is only the tip.

I have had a great time so far and made many new friends, enough that I dont really miss home at all or any of my old friends that much. I still talk to them, but its nice to not feel isolated on a crucial factor of identity for once. To not feel alone, as being a libertarian in most places does. Of course, its not perfect. I hate to be honest about this, but the Jewish community here is very limited. There is a small Conservative synagogue, a slightly larger Reform, and a Chabad that periodically makes a minyan. I hope to grow this, and it wont be easy, but perhaps at some point there can be a shomer/shomer house in Manchester. We pioneers have to work hard to keep the roots in the ground, and probably make some sacrifices, but there is commuter potential to Boston for those that want better jobs.

Over the next few months, I look forward to a New England winter. New Jersey got a taste of it last year. I still have not purchased a firearm or even shot one here, but that is a plan for next year. I have started to establish a hostel-type place for new movers and other people who need a temporary place to stay. I also am on the alert for better job opportunities and eventual career, likely in a trade. And I really want a dog.

Sign the statement of intent and get on up here!


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