I tried to troll a Bernie Sanders debate watch party

Presidential debates mean debate watch parties. I had the choice of staying at Americans for Prosperity (conservatives) after phonebanking, where we would cynically play entitlement bingo, or I could go to a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton watch party in an attempt to troll. I opted for Bernie, also being curious about the campaign, since libertarians agree with him on a few issues.

The watch party was in a nice house that was well decorated, and there was an assortment of people that stretched to reach ten. A few college age men, a couple legit hippies, and a guy who looked like a computer programmer in the 80s. The house had a moderate note of cannabis smoke wafting around, but no one could be seen as the source. There were two (I later found out three) dogs that periodically poked their heads over the gate to see what was going on.

The debate started and I decide to remain mum about my true opinions. One of the roommates walked in and made some cracks that sounded like he was a libertarian. The whole group was confident in Bernie and noted how everyone else was adopting his rhetoric and views. They also talked about who a good vice president for him would be, without coming to any conclusion.

For the first Republican debate, I went to the Scott Walker watch party and while not that actioned, it was much more animated. None of these people exclaimed anything or showed any emotion. They seemed like independents or occasional voters that were just happy to see Bernie as a candidate. Most of them werent that into politics.

It was so incredibly boring that I just got up and told the host that I was a Republican and had come to see and potentially troll, but they were so boring. He agreed that they were pretty boring. I thanked him for hosting and the food. We talked for a bit and he did not agree with my belief that Sanders and a Republican Congress would be a good thing. He said he was normally a Green Party supporter. I guess that means he would not get all the social programs that he wants. In a way, that shows these people care more about socialism than civil liberties.

The host became a little unnerved and jokingly told me to leave a couple times. Ultimately, I did and walked home laughing. I rarely regret doing something, but this was a complete waste of time. I like a few things about Bernie that I didnt want to come in trolling. I probably should have gone to the Hillary party. At least there, everything about her is loathsome, as are her supporters. I could rip them on everything and cheer on Bernie, their main opponent. Next Dem debate (November 14th), Ill probably be heading to Hillary HQ and will report back on what happens. Additionally, I will try to live tweet all the debates from now on.

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