Boxed Capitalism Mix in Rural Alaska


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Capitalism is fascinating. The different preferences of over seven billion people can only be reconciled by the price system and private risk taking. Central planners would never know that while the vast majority of America is running away from heavily processed box cake mixes like Betty Crocker, in remote parts of Alaska, its a slice of heaven. What we can get for 99c, costs them almost $5, even with the heavily subsidized shipping. And yet they still want it, and they innovate a lot of ways to make it, using mayonnaise for eggs, and sprite instead of milk.

How on Earth could central planning and popular ownership of the “means of production” (whatever that is) accommodate these people? The answer is, it couldnt, and didnt. And millions of people died in the 20th century by evil maniacs who tried it and refused to accept that they were wrong. Even today, in Venezuela and North Korea, millions starve for the same reason when there is no reason to. Thankfully, we have produced so much (the true driver of economies) that so many have been pulled from poverty and can debate whether or not they want to have their cake and eat it.

Unfortunately, these rural Alaskans are also suffering because of the little bit of socialism afforded them here. Nearly half of them are on welfare, and all of them are on transport and mail subsidies. If this came to an end, they would quickly move to better areas and live better lives not privation. I am sure many of these remote villages are beautiful and I have considered moving to Alaska myself, but not much is worth near poverty when there are alternatives. The best thing we can do for all humanity is to abolish socialism once and for all. It may be a bit painful at first, but in the long run, it will be much better.


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