The difference between Michigan and Minneapolis


George Floyd, murdered by police in 2020

If you arent aware yet, a man was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis in a fairly gruesome way just a few days ago. While the man was under arrest and pretty clearly restrained, the police officer crushed the mans neck with his knee and lower leg for eight whole minutes. The man screamed that he could not breathe and was in pain many times, recalling the murder of Eric Garner in similar circumstances not too long ago. A crowd gather, and Baruch Hashem, filmed the incident, crying out for the man to be released. His pain and suffering was clear, and he knew he was going to die. He called out for his mother.

Another police officer tried desperately to keep the crowd on the sidewalk. He is lucky that he was able to do that as the crowd sounds large enough to have successfully overwhelmed the officers. The assaulting officer continued to drive his knee down, without any explanation or justification (perhaps he knew there was none) and even smiled. Finally, the man, George Floyd, died. And the police had the gall to not mention their actions in the report of his death.

A lot has come out since then showing footage before the incident, but its hard to justify crushing someones neck for eight minutes, which is why even police advocates are criticizing it as not what their training recommends. This is just the latest in a long list of police brutality incidents that never seem to end. To add to all this, the victim is black.


Eric Garner, murdered by police in 2014

Almost immediately, the usual suspects came out to protest, rightly marching on the police station. Black Lives Matter, Left Wing groups, antifa, and local community advocates. This soon devolved into destroying police cars and such, which one cant but feel some schadenfreude for. In response, the police dressed up in riot gear and fired tear gas and rubber shells. The latest is the looting of Target and general rioting, while the feds investigate civil rights and the county attorney drags his feet. If you or I were to knee someone to death in public on video, police wouldnt waste one second to arrest us. But for police, its different.

In any case, during and after all this, the left, especially on Twitter, is upset that similar tactics werent deployed against armed Michigan lockdown protestors, OR that they didnt get the same mild treatment that the Michigan protestors received. The tweeters are trying to make this about black vs white, but the reality is a bit more complicated.

First, its worth noting that at least half of the Minneapolis protestors were white, if not the vast majority. There are numerous pictures showing white people running around, protesting, and even destroying police cars. This was no race riot, altho both sides are trying to claim that it was.

Second, the complainers keep trying to mention how the “ARMED” Michigan protestors “stormed the legislature and federal buildings” as worthy of riot police. Stormed is a bit dramatic of a word. It more applies to what certain protestors did in a police parking lot, than protestors who went into the public area of a government building. There is a difference between damaging government equipment and just standing around. THAT is why tear gas and riot control measures were deployed.

Third, the lesson that needs to be learn from this is the merits of being armed. This is why we have the Second Amendment. So we can show up to a protest armed to the gills, and the government has to think about the ramifications of its actions. If the protestors in Minneapolis had shown up armed (most of them probably are anti-gun), the situation would have been a lot different. Police would have used much more discretion in their reaction.


Justine Damond, murdered by police in 2017

The sad thing about these police brutality cases is they often end up about race. When the fact of the matter is that police brutality really has no race. All races suffer police abuse. It happens far too often to blacks. It happens far too often to whites. To Hispanics. You never hear about brutality against Asians, but I am sure it happens. And all of it needs to end. These leftwing protesters are alienating potential allies and being divisive, and they arent really attacking the real problem. I am white. If I were to kneecrush someone to death, I would be arrested immediately. The problem is police brutality. That is why it took seven whole months to arrest the police officer who murdered Justine Damond. The police officer was a black Somali. Where is the white privilege? There isnt any, its blue privilege.


UPDATE: The police officer who was seen murdering George Floyd, has been arrested Friday morning.

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