Tax Collectors vs PorcFest

Bostonians tarring and feathering a tax collector.

Bostonians tarring and feathering a tax collector.

Earlier today, the director of the New Hampshire Department of Revenue and an associate came to PorcFest to check whether food vendors were collecting the meals tax. New Hampshire has no sales tax, but does have a tax on meals and lodging. Ian Freeman of Free Keene, who is well known for filming police and government agents, quickly arrived on the scene to film and interrogate the two suits. He was joined by an effective militia of attendees armed with regular cameras and cell phone cameras.

As the duo approached the first food vendor to check his papers, the head of PorcFest security notified them they were on private property and asked them to leave. Shortly after that, an office staffer for the campground host stated that the owner wished to speak with them. They complied and were escorted into the office. It is unknown what went on during the next half hour, but after that, the owner walked them to their car and off the property.

This was not the first incident of government agents attempting to cause trouble at the annual event. According to an organizer, several years ago the owner of the campground called the local police on a government agent, who was promptly escorted off the property. Lancaster, New Hampshire is a small town with only 11 policemen, half of whom are part time. However, this is a great example of the importance of befriending and not antagonizing local police. They can, and will, remove state and federal thugs from your property, sometimes even when the latter have “legitimate” business there.

PorcFest offers a one week sample of a libertarian society and this event fostered a lot of pride, spirit, and unity among attendees. The incident also showed the benefits of living here in New Hampshire with an active activist community. Whenever one of us is troubled by a government agent, others are ready, willing, and able to film and show support. Often times, this is enough to dissuade the pirates. Indeed, Ian Freeman has earned a bit of infamy for putting cops in their place with the nonviolent intimidation of a volley of cameras and questioning. In Keene, police rarely bother with him and have even somewhat befriended the Free Keeners. If all of this sounds like the place to be as a libertarian, take a few minutes to sign the pledge to move. Then, plan out your move! It may take two years, five years, or more, but it will be worth it when you breathe the fresh air and the freedom.

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