ENDORSEMENT: Scott Walker for President

Governor Scott Walker (R-Wis)

Governor Scott Walker (R-Wis)

I have previously stated on the Facebook page that I prefer Scott Walker to Rand Paul for a few reasons. I have previously highlighted a few concerns about Rand, and difficulties he would face. Walker is a popular two-term governor, who also faced down a recall forced by socialist activists. He has implemented right to work (which is debated by libertarians), hampered the government unions, cut spending, focused on increasing ONLY private sector jobs, and absolutely infuriated socialists nationwide. As governor of a state Republicans have come close to winning in three of the past four elections, it is a crucial swing state. Along with that, his local starpower could swing Iowa and Minnesota.

But what does that mean to libertarians? A Republican candidate of almost any sort will be needed to repeal Obamacare and other atrocious legislation. Additionally, four Supreme Court Justices are 70 or older. They will likely be retiring or dying by 2025. Socialist extremist Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who is Jewish) is 82. If a Republican wins next November, or looks poised to, she will retire while Obama can still nominate a replacement. The Republican-controlled Senate might actually hold this up, running sessions all the way until the new membership takes over on the 3rd of January, in order to prevent a recess appointment. If she is wise, she will retire over the summer of this year, setting a pitched battle that can be resolved before the election. Obama will be forced to nominate someone less extreme, in order to win the 46 Democrat votes and 5-15 Republican votes.

Then, we have the infamous Scalia. Democrats would love to swing that seat, but he will do his damnedest to leave under a Republican. He is 79 now, and will be near 81 when the next President takes office. Next up is the swing vote of Anthony Kennedy, who can be libertarian at times and conservative at other times. He led the dissent in both Obamacare cases, while Roberts made the majority. He probably has a retirement plan regardless, but likely prefers a Republican. It is crucial to secure this seat.

Next up is Stephen Breyer, who is Jewish, and will be going on 78 in 2017. He obviously would prefer a Democrat, but may accept that retirement is more important than partisan balance. Alternatively, he might hold out to be headed for 82 in 2021 or 86 in 2025. If a Republican wins next year, he may wait for 2020, and if the Republican is reelected, will probably just retire. This means having a strong incumbent would help a lot to swing his vote. That leaves us with the controversial Clarence Thomas, who is not yet 70, but may consider retirement under a Republican, especially if a Democrat seems likely to win in 2024.

If it has not been clear in the past few years, the Supreme Court has become an important battle ground for everyone, including libertarians. Indeed, we will probably get better results from Republicans than Democrats. Aside from this, Walker will be more sympathetic to a libertarian Congress than Bush or Rubio or Christie would be. Expect a lot of vetos under those stooges. While Walker supports the Patriot Act, he cannot do much about that if it never reaches his desk. And with Rand in the Senate, there will be a force for good. Walker has proven to be strong on economic and fiscal issues, and has the force to win the nomination and the election. He has energy and conservative credentials (unlike the stooges), so he can beat Hillary. I think it is crucial for libertarians to get on board now and work to influence him in a libertarian direction. And of course, with spending cuts passed in Congress, he will absolutely sign them.

Rand Paul is falling and his hopes are fading. For those open to it, its time to pick a second choice. I respect those who disagree and are Rand or bust, or the nonvoters. I hope you will look to other races and win those. We need more libertarians in Congress. I am pretty certain that Walker will win the nomination and the election. All his ducks are in a row, and he checks off the boxes. There is still room for a scandal, but I doubt it. I will likely be working here in New Hampshire to get him first a primary win, and later a general election win in this swing state. I hope you will consider joining me, so we can turn this country around.

PS: I also am starting to like Trump, but he is not presidential material. He might make a good vice presidential candidate.

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