Swiss Elections Swing Right; Canadians Head to the Polls

Toni Brunner (Swiss Peoples Party) and Stephen Harper (Conservative Party of Canada)

Toni Brunner (Swiss Peoples Party) and Stephen Harper (Conservative Party of Canada)

Switzerland held elections yesterday which saw the nationalist Swiss Peoples Party win a second election in a row and gain seats. The invader crisis from the Middle East likely played a big role and this should be a warning to other leaders such as Angela Merkel. Additionally, the classic liberal party FDP.The Liberals also gained seats. Most other parties lost an assortment of seats.

Today, Canadians head to the polls in what may be incumbent Stephen Harpers last term is Prime Minister. At the helm of Canada since 2006, Harper is a mixed bag of conservatism. He ended the long gun industry, cut taxes, and helped keep Canada stable thru recession and the recent resource crisis. Recent polls have shown the Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democratic Party (socialists) in the lead at some point or another, but currently the Liberals have the lead. The Liberal Party is led by the son of Pierre Trudeau, Justin, who is a Hillary Clinton type. He has made a big show of his inevitability, but has little actual experience or posture. The New Democratic Party faces a question of if they can hold onto Quebec, the principal source of their seats, and what finish they will make in the race for the top three.

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