Whats Next in Drug Legalization?

2017-Map-of-US-State-Cannabis-LawDespite Attorney General Jeff Sessions intent to recriminalize marijuana usage (rather than focus on what his boss was elected to do: immigration), legalization is going full steam ahead. Proponents are now probably where gay marriage supporters stood around 2008-2010. The outlook seemed good, but its not over yet. As it stands, the entire west coast and Alaska has legalized and life has gone on. They are joined by Colorado, and New England is making moves with Maine and Massachusetts voters having passed referendums to legalize. New Hampshire is a mostly legislative state and the House has passed legalization and decriminalization several times, but either the Senate or the Governor stops it. We finally have a governor willing to sign decrim (a Republican, after twelve years of Democrats who refused). And with states like Arkansas and Florida finally getting medical thru, the land of the free is at a crossroads. Only seven states retain a total prohibition. Now, its only a matter of time.

So whats next? Like the never ending social justice warrior objections to society, we must find another drug to legalize. Heroin probably should be legal, but that is very controversial due to the ongoing epidemic (despite indications it may alleviate the overdoses). Mushroom based drugs present a strong possibility. They are quietly tolerated in everyones favorite Amsterdam and buying the spores for psilocybin mushrooms is perfectly legal in the US, except California, Georgia, and Idaho. Yet, all of these drugs remain Schedule I, despite growing evidence that they have many medical purposes.


Psilocybins for sale in Amsterdam

There is apparently a growing trend of people “microdosing” LSD in order to overcome negative feelings, but not get a trip. I remember meeting a guy at a 2012 Ron Paul rally who claimed to have cured his depression with mushrooms. Perhaps thats the case. People should at least be allowed to try, and we know that the harmful effects of these substances are limited. Nobody ever died directly from an acid trip or psilocybin. With ample research, doctors might prescribe “medicinal mushrooms” to those suffering from mental illnesses. There is a lot of promise in this field. Yet the massive beloved government of the left prevents this, putting millions of lives at risk.

I have never tried mushroom based drugs, in fact, I dont even eat mushrooms, but they were always the one drug I considered trying, moreso than marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol. There is no harmful smoke and no irritation of the liver, just a fun adventure in the mind. Soon, marijuana legalization is going to make it boring. People will look for the next exciting forbidden fruit. Personally, I look forward to the day when cannabis is for squares. Pothead culture is obnoxious and I am tired of seeing five-pointed leaves everywhere. Perhaps soon, a simple mushroom image will be the counter-culture symbol. And I hope that goes by the wayside as well.


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