Leftists, this one is on you (Eric Garner)

Eric Garner being killed by a chokehold

In July 2014, a man named Eric Garner was stopped by police for selling untaxed cigarettes. He was tired of being harassed regularly by police for engaging in a peaceful exchange of goods that harmed no third parties. He made the mistake of pushing them away, which was his right as a human, but never a wise idea. The original officer who stopped Garner, along with another nearby, proceeded to attempt to arrest him. The latter put him in what is described as a chokehold. Chokeholds are legal police tactics under New York State Law, but have been prohibited by the NYPD for over two decades, for obvious reasons. Garner couldnt breathe, and eventually his heart gave out and he died. He was morbidly obese and had a whole host of health issues that almost certainly contributed to his death.

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