Another in the books: ISFLC 2016

IMG_20160226_165537093_TOPIt has been one hell of a weekend, and this was probably the best International Students for Liberty Conference I have been to (and Ive been to four). Highlights include meeting the Prince of Liechtenstein, Gary Johnson, and talking to young libertarians about the Free State Project as a mover. I almost didnt go. I had planned to take two weeks to do this and next weekends CPAC, but time and money constraints made that impossible. At nearly the last minute, I was able to secure a ride from a friend here in New Hampshire, for which I am grateful.

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2015 International Students for Liberty Conference

This is my third time going to ISFLC (13-15 February 2015), and it was even better than last year. All the criticisms of SFL and its mentality aside, it is one of largest libertarian gatherings in the world, rivaling the Free State Projects PorcFest. Its largely an academic gathering, but anyone can attend. Well-known and lesser known libertarian organizations from CATO to the aforementioned to the Property and Environment Research Center sponsored booths and talks at the event. Leading speakers included a skype-in by Edward Snowden, a joint panel featuring Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul, Congressmen Jones, Amash, and Massie, and former Mexican president Vicente Fox, among others.

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2014 International Students for Liberty Conference (UPDATED)

Last weekend, I attended the 2014 International Students for Liberty Conference with 1500 other mostly young libertarians. For many of us whose only exposure to libertarian thought is online, maybe a few people in a local group or club, or a few friends, this is truly an amazing experience. It was my second conference (I went last year as well) and while I did not attend many of the actual seminars, it was nice to just bask in liberty.

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