Liberty Forum 2016

12122883_1019357481419550_5411513814444281322_nThis past weekend was the 9th annual Liberty Forum held by the Free State Project in Manchester, NH. Its a bit similar to the Porcupine Freedom Festival in that its a gathering of freestaters, liberty friends, and prospective movers. However, its quite a bit more formal, being hosted at a hotel ballroom instead of a campground. There were two day and four day passes offered. I opted for the two day pass, and that was a good idea. The four day pass offers a bit more programming, meals, and some special events, but I cant say it would be worth it unless you really want to support FSP or have the money to blow.

The highlight of the conference was the Edward Snowden live skype interview. Snowden has done a few of these since securing his exile in Russia, including at last years International Students for Liberty Conference. Unfortunately, I mixed up the timing and didnt get to see him here. However, there was a recording, and controversial “unauthorized” recording.

The main talks ranged from bitcoin, to life in New Hampshire, to the current state of liberty, hope for the future, and much more. There were many detailed panels, such as a few about buying real estate in New Hampshire. There were also a number of specialized luncheons to showcase various organizations or businesses up here.  There was even a child care area for parents to leave their littles.

The exhibition hall was my favorite because thats where organizations and businesses set up shop and show their support. Every region of the state had some representation, as did several local businesses. Its a great way to get information and meet people before considering a move. I had hoped to have Jewish Libertarians there, but could not get stuff together in time to make it worth the cost. Perhaps next year.

Personally, the conference did not do much for me. I have gone to the International Students for Liberty Conference for the past three years (Ill be going again this year), and even there I get bored. I mostly go to see people and the exhibitors. It was certainly worth going here for the first time, but I dont think Ill be going back again. I may, however, consider and exhibitor spot for Jewish Libertarians. However, dont let my experience dissuade you. If youve never been to a libertarian conference and want to meet the New Hampshire folk, then come on up next year! From your perspective, it will be worth it.

Forgive me for the lack of pictures. I completely blanked on taking them. Maybe I was having too good a time after all!