Whats wrong with Washington gridlock?

What exactly has been so bad about the past 5 years of gridlock? You see, socialists like Bawney Fwank here, cant stand to see government not adding more and more laws. The combination of a Democrat as President and a staunchly Republican Congress has done absolute wonders for America by preventing new laws. The same occurred in the 95-97 Congress with Bill Clinton.


Frank goes on to talk about how Republican presidents worked with Democrat congresses to PASS LAWS! Lets not also forget how controlling both branches lets one party or the other steamroll their ideas. As if that is what we always need done. In a way, this past Congress has been the most libertarian in decades, by virtue of the fact that very few bills were passed. A “Do Nothing” Congress, that is constantly derided by the elites on both sides, is a wonderful thing. At least life isnt getting worse.

It has gotten to the point where, knowing few Democrat bills could pass, and no Republican bills could be signed, that House Speaker John Boehner does not even bother to hold votes. I suppose he deserves some commendation for that. But this upsets those who want more and more laws, without ever explaining why that is necessary. In a way, it really starts to make the case that we should have extreme socialist Bernie Sanders as president and the furthest right Congress possible. Indeed, the situation is likely if Sanders is seen as likely to win, people will vote Republican at the congressional level to put a check on him. Will any law at all get passed? Perhaps finally a few good ones and some bad ones repealed.

This situation really shows the fallacy of democracy and especially of legislatures. Legislatures exist to pass laws. If they dont pass laws, they arent doing their jobs, so why have them. This gets to the root of the libertarian problem with government. It is pretty basic what needs to be illegal, and those things can be boiled down to one word almost every time: murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery, pollution, trespass, etc. This can all be written up in a constitution passed by referendum, and then all we need are courts to resolve disputes and adjudicate crimes; and a security force to provide protection. Executives and legislatures are absolutely useless. And this is just a minarchist society, nevermind having no monopoly at all.

What this really does show is how irrelevant the president is. Both parties will sign laws and expand government power, but a Republican congress in concert with a Democrat president will pass absolutely nothing. So when libertarians whine about Trump or whoever being president. Its unlikely he will be able to enact any of his ideas. The president is not even supposed to enact policy, merely interpret and execute laws. Executive orders provide some questionable latitude on this, but it still originates in Congress. The one power he president does have is appointments. Obama was able to shape the Supreme Court to enshrine his policies and promote the degradation of the country. It is thought that even so, Congress may have the power to rein in the Supreme Court.

So, here is to another two years of gridlock at least, maybe more. At some point, laws need to be repealed, but for now at least, Boehner and the conservative wing that he is not a part of, have stopped the bleeding.

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