Net Neutrality is a Hoax


HOAX – No ISP proposes such a program

Like many people still do, I used to support net neutrality. On its face, it makes sense. Aside from ideology, its marketed that all the internet should be equal so small blogs like this dont get throttled or charged exorbitant costs. This seems right and fair, if anti-market. But as I became a libertarian, I reexamined my views on things like net neutrality and global warming. Not everything is cut and dry as its presented. In this case, its a downright hoax and a lie.

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Surviving a Week Without News

rsz_110712_fb_napAbout a month ago, I took a trip with my sister to Chicago and New Orleans by train. It was a fun trip, and we learned a lot about each other by being packed into a box effectively for nearly a day thrice, and then the cheap airbnbs we stayed in. Away from our lives and our mother. Since my laptop died November 2015, I have been reliant on a smartphone mainly for internet access, and starting a few months after that, a desktop computer. That means no more laptop on the road. You can do almost anything on a modern smartphone that you can on a computer; its just more difficult. Because of this, and not wanting to get bogged down reading the dozens of articles from Drudge and elsewhere that I usually do, rather than enjoy my trip, I simply gave up. I read a few things here and there, but mostly focused on the trip and my journal.

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Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Gets State House Caucus Status


Rep. Joseph Stallcop (L-Keene)

Earlier today, a group of people gathered on the State House steps in Concord, New Hampshire. Attendees soon discovered that the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire had an announcement to make. A freshman Democrat state representative, Joseph Stallcop, from Keene was defecting to join the Libertarian Party. He cited his upset with the government use of force against pipeline protestors in North Dakota and his “classic liberal” values conflicting with his party. This marks the third defection from the Democrats in just a few months, the other two switching to Republican.

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Ryanair wants to make travel to Israel cheaper

ryanair-svgOne of the biggest problems in Israel is the protectionism, which stifles the Jewish state from becoming a world economic power. Ryanair wants to make travel and trade cheaper for Europeans and Israelis, but El Al isnt too happy about that possibility. The above article is from 2014, however Ryanair is expected to start opening routes this year, but the problem remains in many industries. Israel would benefit greatly from opening up its economy further. A strong, vibrant economy will allow it to retain and attract talent. A strong economy will make aliyah more attractive and yerida unthinkable. And equally important, it will enhance security and international standing by leaps and bounds. B`ezrat Hashem, Israel will get to experience a true free market in our lifetime.

Obama nominates Jewish judge for SCOTUS


Merrick Garland

Today, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland, a Jewish judge on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Garland appears to only be Jewish by his mother, as his father is some sort of Christian, unless he had converted. If confirmed, Garland would join Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and Elena Kagan to become the fourth justice of Jewish descent on the Court. Garland was nominated to the Court of Appeals in 1997 by President Bill Clinton, and was tapped as a potential nominee when John Paul Stevens retired. Kagan ultimately was chosen.

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Whats wrong with Washington gridlock?

What exactly has been so bad about the past 5 years of gridlock? You see, socialists like Bawney Fwank here, cant stand to see government not adding more and more laws. The combination of a Democrat as President and a staunchly Republican Congress has done absolute wonders for America by preventing new laws. The same occurred in the 95-97 Congress with Bill Clinton.

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The News Media are responsible for constant mass shootings

800px-SIG_Pro_by_Augustas_DidzgalvisEvery time there is a mass shooting in America, all the usual suspects come out and point fingers. The socialists blame guns, the conservatives blame violent media, and everyone blames mental health. Guns are not the problem. Shootings always happen in places where guns arent readily accessible or are thought to be so. Violent media exists in every country and is worse in many countries that do not even have mass stabbings, let alone shootings. There are depressed, suicidal, and mentally ill people all over the world, and yet these attacks mainly happen here. And no, it isnt because other countries have better health systems. They dont. We probably have the best mental health response in the world. So what is the real reason for these attacks? And why do they often happen at schools.

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Jewish Tinder Sued by JDate

Recently, a Jewish dating app called JSwipe has come under fire from dating site JDate for “stealing” (heh) its idea of using J* for the purposes of bringing Jews together for romance. JDate is owned by Spark Networks, which also runs ChristianMingle, BlackSingles, and other specialized sites. They are trying to claim ownership of an idea, which while technically a debated concept among libertarians, is usually opposed. I should note that my older half-brother is a JDate success story.

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NEWS: Scott Walker visits New Hampshire

Media goons swarm Scott Walker

Media goons swarm Scott Walker

Today, Scott Walker came to a pizzeria/diner in  Manchester, New Hampshire to meet with supporters and potential supporters. I have previously noted my support for Walker over Rand Paul. Walker is more electable and has a record of success. He also is a governor, while senators have brought us problems. Not to mention that we really need Rand in the Senate and he can do more there than as President. Walker has views that should concern us, but he is no Chris Christie or Jeb Bush. He would be an ally to a libertarian Congress.

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Bernie Sanders has a Gender Gap

602px-BernieSandersWith the sudden surge in popularity for Bernie Sanders, I decided to check out the polls to see how he does among black voters. I had read that he had a bit of a problem with them, and indeed, he does. But, then I noticed something stark and unexpected: he has a HUGE gap among women. This is important to take note of and might pose a bit of a problem for the socialist Senator from Vermont.

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