Without government, who would destroy the life of Casey Anthony?


Caylee Anthony

Remember Casey Anthony? The young woman in Florida who was accused of killing her 2 year old daughter with chloroform and duct tape, but was acquitted. The defense claimed that Caylee drowned in the pool, and someone else disposed of her in the forest. Anthony has been in the news again recently because the judge presiding her case said he believed she killed her daughter by accident, having tried to calm or quiet Caylee down, but went too far. Its not really clear how chloroform became an acceptable way to calm down children, if that theory is true. Casey was acquitted, the jury did not feel there was enough evidence to convict her of murder, but that has not stopped the nation from convicting her.

Since the trial ended, Anthony has been rarely seen in public. She lives a secluded life in Florida, sheltered by lawyers. She is estranged from her family and has few if any friends. She spends most of her time on the internet and being bored. Occasionally, she goes out and someone sometimes notices. She has a dog to care for and has successfully done so for a few years now. It is not clear how she gets income, but she has tried a photography business.

Whatever happened in 2008, the aftermath is important. People often ask us how we would deal with a murderer without government and police. If Anthony did kill her daughter, the magical government failed to get justice for the young girl. But that has not stopped regular people from shunning her and enacting a boycott campaign against anyone who tries to interview or interact with her. That is almost to the letter of what libertarians speculate would happen to criminals: they would be shunned and unable to live. In a worst case scenario, a vigilante would take action, but that seems unnecessary. Casey Anthony appears to have no life at all.

So why do we need government?

Note: I am not passing judgment on this case. The story is quite bizarre and the defense a bit absurd, but she was acquitted. Ultimately, only one person knows what happened to young Caylee, and it is a tragedy regardless of how she died. I suspect her mother has to live with that image hanging on her every day.

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