Hurricanes Have Nothing to do with “Climate Change”



As Harvey and Irma battered Texas and Florida respectively, climate change hoax promoters have been screaming that this is proof. Yes, the first major hurricanes in nearly a decade prove we are causing the climate to change. Even if you believe in human caused climate change, you have to find these claims beyond absurd and completely divorced from science.

It may come as a surprise to Jennifer Lawrence and Pope Francis, but hurricanes have been happening for thousands, if not millions, of years. Long before the Industrial Revolution greatly increased carbon dioxide and pollution output. Long before humans discovered fire. Long before humans exhaled carbon dioxide. In fact, the word hurricane gives a clue to at least far back they occurred. It comes from the Spanish huracan, which comes from the Taino Juracan. The Taino were a people in the Caribbean who probably experienced quite a few of these terrifying storms, so much so, that they named a god after them. The concept was even known by Shakespeare who wrote in King Lear Act 3, Scene 2:

Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout

And in Troilus and Crusida Act 5, Scene 2:

Which shipmen do the hurricano call,

Shakespeare was dead and buried before climate change is even said to have been caused by humans. To exploit the misery of millions today to push your agenda is downright despicable. But those on the left never care about words. These are dangerous lies. People could be hurt and billions could be flushed down the toilet in a vain effort to stop what isnt happening. It is time they be held to account. When the White House Homeland Security adviser was asked if the hurricanes were caused by climate change, he didnt really know what to say. Simple knowledge of history would have blown the narrative right open.

3 thoughts on “Hurricanes Have Nothing to do with “Climate Change”

  1. An astonishingly illogical essay. No one is claiming that hurricanes did not exist before climate change; the claim is that climate change worsened hurricanes. And to imply that a scientific proposition needs to obey a political orthodoxy conjures up Lysenkoism.

    • That is simply not true. Almost every commentator has acted like hurricanes did not exist prior to the Industrial revolution. That is literally what they said, humans are causing hurricanes. The fact of the matter is that we have not had a major hurricane in nearly a decade. We get them periodically, they also tend to cluster a bit. And until the past few decades, we do not have that much comprehensive data on hurricanes, so its impossible to make a comparison. No, you do not know that hurricanes are getting stronger, and neither do climate scientists. And even if they are getting stronger, there are dozens of natural reasons that could be the case.

      I used to believe in human caused climate change, but I read deeper into it and newer data has shown it to be unlikely. Climate is an excessively complex system and to claim we know what is going on is absurd and unscientific. And the way skeptics are treated resembles more of a religious cult, than science.

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