The difference between Michigan and Minneapolis


George Floyd, murdered by police in 2020

If you arent aware yet, a man was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis in a fairly gruesome way just a few days ago. While the man was under arrest and pretty clearly restrained, the police officer crushed the mans neck with his knee and lower leg for eight whole minutes. The man screamed that he could not breathe and was in pain many times, recalling the murder of Eric Garner in similar circumstances not too long ago. A crowd gather, and Baruch Hashem, filmed the incident, crying out for the man to be released. His pain and suffering was clear, and he knew he was going to die. He called out for his mother.

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The Implications of Kavanaugh or Naught


Judge Brett Kavanaugh

As America tears itself apart over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court Justice and allegations of sexual assault against him, libertarians have stood off in the shadowy corner, raising concerns about his views of the Fourth Amendment. He is unqualified as a justice for reasons of how he would rule on key issues, they say. They are right, in a sense, his views are problematic-ish. Its important to note that judges who rule like this are not necessarily anti-Fourth. They are simply deferential to elected officials, and fairly consistently so. That was the essence of Chief Justice John Roberts ruling on Obamacare: it should be up to the legislature to repeal it, not us. Frustrating, but admirable.

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Hurricanes Have Nothing to do with “Climate Change”



As Harvey and Irma battered Texas and Florida respectively, climate change hoax promoters have been screaming that this is proof. Yes, the first major hurricanes in nearly a decade prove we are causing the climate to change. Even if you believe in human caused climate change, you have to find these claims beyond absurd and completely divorced from science.

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If We Are Removing Statues of “Evil” Men, Why Not Lenin?


Robert E Lee Memorial, New Orleans

After the 2015 shooting of several members of a black church in South Carolina, there have been calls to completely purge the United States of anything Confederate. From the flag atop the South Carolina statehouse to statues across southern cities, there has been mostly success. Unfortunately for supporters, cities these days are dominated by minorities and liberal whites, who want nothing to do with the Confederacy. In a sense, why should there be any memorials to failed secessionists? Do other countries have any of this? The answers are probably mixed. Ireland and Scotland still have their defeated heroes remembered, but England tends to mock Catholic pretenders like Bonnie Prince Charles. On the other hand, the Sov…I mean Russians still maintain some Soviet memorabilia despite its complete rejection. In fairness, Stalin does maintain a popularity in the country that Jefferson Davis does not.

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Yet Another Reason Single Payer is a Very Bad Idea


The ransomware window

A ransomware attack has been launched worldwide, targeting thousands of computer networks in dozens of country. The program encrypts your computer files and demands a payment of $300 in bitcoin within 3 days, doubling after that, and locking you out permanently in 7. Not without a sense of fairness, the poor may appeal for clemency after six months. One of the biggest targets of this has been the National Health Service of the United Kingdom. Often touted by those who favor a single payer socialist healthcare system (in spite of its very poor record of treating major illnesses), the NHS has been brought to its knees by a computer virus. Thousands of non-emergency patients have been turned away.

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Was the United incident a market failure?


David Dao, the United passenger

As almost everyone knows by now, a doctor was violently physically removed from a United Express plane a couple weeks ago because he needed to be in Kentucky the next day for his patients. United mistakenly overbooked the plane and at the last minute, four employees approached, saying they needed to board to crew a plane from Louisville the next day. Airline representatives offered passengers a rebooked flight, hotel, and $400, but nobody took it up. Then, they offered $800 and still no one took it up. Usually, airlines will go higher, but for some reason, they chose instead to have a computer randomly kick four people off who had already boarded and settled into their seats. The first two were a couple who willingly left, then our latter day hero was selected and absolutely refused, saying he had appointments the next day. Instead of being reasonable and asking for proof or taking him at his word, they insisted he leave, and soon called security, who literally beat him bloody and dragged him off the plane, likely causing a concussion and other massive damage. Passengers started recording and screaming about the unfairness, setting up United for the absolute worst public relations disaster for a company in years, only to be exacerbated by an arrogant CEO. The settlement is expected to be in the hundreds of millions, and deservedly so.

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