The 14th Amendment

800px-donald_trump_official_portraitPresident Trump recently announced that he was looking into issuing an executive order stating that the Fourteenth Amendment does not confer citizenship to individuals born here to people who are not legally here. This has long been wanted by nationalists and immigration restrictionists, who want to stop the prospect of anchor babies, where legal and illegal aliens give birth on US soil, in order to gain their children citizenship and then help legalize the rest of the family. The announcement caused the usual uproar from all parts of the political space, most claiming that the President can not change the Constitution.

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Big Government Causes Income Inequality

us gini

Greener means more unequal

I was reading a City Journal article about how Californias rulers are leaving its younger population an awful state of affairs: low wages, limited jobs, expensive housing and other costs. The reasons for this are complex, mostly boiled down to big government, however, one thing stuck out at me: California has a massive income gap. Ironic given how liberals are always jumping and shouting about income inequality and their favorite state is one of the most egregious. I speculated that liberal states would be more unequal, and more conservative states would be more equal.

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Will There be Regulations in a Libertarian Society?


The GEICO gecko mascot

Libertarians and conservatives often talk about the importance of deregulation in order to free up the economy and create more prosperity. However, regulations often solve very real problems and conflicts that otherwise might be difficult to deal with. For example, how do we incentivize drivers to drive safe? The mere threat of an agorist lawsuit against the perpetrator of an accident is not enough to get a driver to be safe. And what about pollution? Surely, courts could rule a class action lawsuit against a nearby factory belching smoke, but there are a lot of costs on both ends. Insurance solves almost every single one of these issues. In fact, some have claimed that government itself is an insurance program. Already in the hampered market we live in, insurance exists and protects us from each other and acts of God.

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Was the United incident a market failure?


David Dao, the United passenger

As almost everyone knows by now, a doctor was violently physically removed from a United Express plane a couple weeks ago because he needed to be in Kentucky the next day for his patients. United mistakenly overbooked the plane and at the last minute, four employees approached, saying they needed to board to crew a plane from Louisville the next day. Airline representatives offered passengers a rebooked flight, hotel, and $400, but nobody took it up. Then, they offered $800 and still no one took it up. Usually, airlines will go higher, but for some reason, they chose instead to have a computer randomly kick four people off who had already boarded and settled into their seats. The first two were a couple who willingly left, then our latter day hero was selected and absolutely refused, saying he had appointments the next day. Instead of being reasonable and asking for proof or taking him at his word, they insisted he leave, and soon called security, who literally beat him bloody and dragged him off the plane, likely causing a concussion and other massive damage. Passengers started recording and screaming about the unfairness, setting up United for the absolute worst public relations disaster for a company in years, only to be exacerbated by an arrogant CEO. The settlement is expected to be in the hundreds of millions, and deservedly so.

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Denominations in Judaism vs Christianity

A few times over the past few months, I have had to explain the practice of Judaism to nonJews, usually those more familiar with Christianity. Like Christianity and other religions, Judaism also has denominations. However, it is a bit different in Judaism than Christianity. I like to say that while Christianity is like a tree with many branches and subbranches, Judaism is more like a spectrum. That is not to say that Judaism does not have branches, but the main difference is spectral.

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